Help Your Children Develop Healthy Dental Habits With These Tips From Our Elmhurst Dentists

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 15, 2017

High-quality, patient-driven pediatric dental care can help children develop healthy oral hygiene habits that will last for years to come. Our Elmhurst family dentists are here to help parents and caregivers instill strong dental habits in their children; we have seen firsthand how transformative this type of guidance can be.

If want to learn more about the tenets of pediatric dental care, keep reading!

In order to help your children develop heathy oral hygiene habits at home, you want to:

1. Lead by example!

When your children see you brushing and flossing your teeth at the same times every day, they normalize this behavior and it becomes ingrained in daily life. Same goes for completing professional dental cleanings: you can help to demystify this experience by keeping up with your own schedule of dental appointments.

2. Set a schedule

We all know that habits, once firmly established, can be hard to break—use this to your advantage! Have your child care for his or her smile at the same times morning and night, so that they develop a habit without even realizing it. In order to make sure that your child is brushing for at least two minutes every time, try setting a timer or listening to a two-minute song!

3. Education is key

When your children understand how cavities and bad breath develop, they are empowered to take control of their smiles. Our dental team educates our pediatric patients so that they understand why they are taking care of their smiles; we have found that this can lead to sustained interest in oral health.

If you have questions about how to help your child maintain optimal oral health, please feel free to contact our Elmhurst dentists for support. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and talk to your child about the importance a healthy and strong smile!