How Do People Perfect Their Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry in Elmhurst?

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 17, 2015

Cosmetic dentistry treatments continue to be hugely popular with patients of many ages. These treatments are specifically designed to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. Today our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists are explaining why so many people turn to cosmetic dentistry!

Cosmetic dentistry treatments help patients…

· Straighten their smiles

· Close gaps between their teeth

· Whiten dark or stained enamel

· Repair dental damage—such as cracks and chips

· Make smiles appear more balanced and in better proportion

· Replace missing teeth, which improves the aesthetics and the function of the smile

Here are some of the treatments that we commonly utilize in order to meet these goals…

· Professional dental whitening lightens the patient’s natural enamel. This treatment is quick and comfortable; it’s great for minimizing, and even erasing, accumulated surface stains

· Dental bonding can lighten teeth, perfect dental shapes, and correct dental damage. This treatment involves our team applying custom-shaded resin to key points on your smile.

· Porcelain veneers are used to make a smile lighter, cover existing dental damage, give the smile a more balanced appearance, resurface dull or old enamel

· Dental implants replace missing teeth with permanent, exceptionally natural looking, stand-alone replacement teeth. Dental implants will make your smile look and feel whole again.

Depending on the current state of your smile, you might choose to use one of theses treatments, or a combination of multiple cosmetic solutions. The good news is that our dental team will help you build the perfect treatment protocol to fit your needs.

If you think that cosmetic dentistry might be able to help your smile, our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists would be happy to answer your questions and walk you through your treatment options. Give us a call to schedule a personal consultation with our helpful dental team. We look forward to speaking with you!