Looking For Tooth Replacement Treatments? Our Elmhurst Dental Implant Dentists Can Help

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 19, 2019

Every case of tooth loss is different, and, consequently, the treatments that our Elmhurst dental implant dentists offer need to personalized in kind. The process of choosing the correct restorative treatment begins a thorough oral health assessment, and ends with a whole, healthy, and attractive smile!

Every tooth replacement treatment that we utilize is customized to fit the patient’s smile, both structurally and aesthetically. This means that we ensure that the shapes, sizes, and colors of replacement teeth blend with the patient’s existing teeth and maintain structural harmony.

  • Dentures

    Dentures today are much more advanced than the ill-fitting prostheses that come to mind for many people. Dentures are an efficient, attractive, and effective way to replace a full complement of top or bottom teeth. Modern dentures are custom-molded and fit to the patient’s jaw and gum tissue. Additionally, our team can use titanium implant roots to permanently hold dentures in place.

  • Bridges

    These versatile prostheses are held in place thanks to small brackets that attach the bridge to neighboring teeth. Once your bridge is in place it will blend in seamlessly with your smile as a whole. A dental bridge is an expedient tooth replacement option.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implant technology is unique in that it permanently anchors replacement teeth into the patient’s jawbone. Every individual implant restoration has a titanium root that serves as the replacement tooth root. Over time the titanium base actually bonds with the natural bone tissue through a process called osseointegration. These replacement teeth are state-of-the-art and exceptionally stable.

When you meet with our Elmhurst dentists, we will help you determine what kind of tooth replacement treatment best meets your oral health needs and aesthetic goals. The best way to get started is to give our office a call, and to schedule a personal consultation.