Our Elmhurst Dentist Walks You Through Soothing Treatment Options

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Nov 3, 2015

Many people think of dental treatment as something that is stressful or uncomfortable. However, with modern dental technology and sedation treatments, this really isn’t true. Our Elmhurst dentists have tools to keep you calm and comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what it will be like if you choose to use…

Oral Conscious Sedation

· You will take a dentist-prescribed pill about an hour before your appointment

· You’ll notice that you seen feel calm and worry free

· A friend or family member will drive you to your appointment (as you will be unable to drive)

· During your appointment our dental team will complete treatment

· You will remain conscious the entire time, but you will not have anxiety

· Post-treatment you probably will not remember any of the appointment, because the oral conscious sedation has amnesiac effects

· Someone else will drive you home from your appointment

· The effects of the sedative will quickly wear off naturally

Dental Spa Therapy

When you come in for your appointment our dental tam will combine:

· Muscle manipulation

· Acupressure

· Chiropractic care

· Aromatherapy

· Sound Therapy

These therapies will help lull you into a calming state of pre-sleep. We may also provide you with a health-boosting supplement.

This treatment protocol will keep you relaxed and unstressed during treatment. Once you’re done with your appointment, you will not need to wait for any medications to wear off, so you will be able to jump back into your normal routine right away.

If you would like to get a better idea of what kinds of relaxation treatments might work for you, please take the time to contact our Elmhurst sedation dentists. We have the information, and the state-of-the-art sedation tools that you need to get in the dentist’s chair.