Our Elmhurst Dentists Explain How Structural Dental Issues Can Affect Oral Health

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 6, 2019

Our Elmhurst dentists are here to help our patients develop comprehensive, personalized oral health plans, so that they can enjoy attractive and strong smiles for years to come. One important consideration when going through this process is the existing structure of a patient’s smile. Keep reading to learn more…

When we talk about dental structure, we are referring primarily to the way that your teeth are aligned, and your top and bottom jaws come together. As you may imagine, dental alignment affects jaw function, and vice versa.

In a well-designed smile, the patient’s top and bottom teeth meet comfortably and evenly. When this isn’t the case, the patient is at an increased risk of suffering from:

  • Premature tooth wear and tear
  • Unhealthy, thin dental enamel—this leaves your teeth vulnerable to damage, and it may make your smile appear darker and yellower
  • TMJ dysfunction—your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) attach your bottom jaw to your skull
  • Bruxism, which is characterized by tooth grinding and clenching

The key to successful treatment is to first identify the root cause of your structural dental problem. You may have aging restorations that have thrown your smile off balance, or an overbite/underbite/crossbite may make it difficult for you to bring your top and bottom teeth together comfortably.

The treatments we use to improve these types of structural problems are versatile and patient-friendly:

  • Custom-crafted crowns
  • Dental bonding with composite resin, to build up specific tooth surfaces
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Shaping and refining the natural tooth

As with most dental issues, the sooner that you are able to address structural dental imbalances, the better your long-term prognosis. Our Elmhurst dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have, and to walk you through your treatment options. Get started by giving our office a call or by using the Contact Us page on our website to submit an inquiry and your contact information.