Our Elmhurst Dentists Provide Answers To Your Questions About Dental Whitening   

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 22, 2016

One of the fastest and most affordable ways that you can improve the appearance of your smile is by whitening your teeth. There are many whitening options out there for patients today, and our Elmhurst dentists are here to help patients achieve results with treatments specifically suited to fit their needs.

Do you have questions about dental whitening? Keep reading to get the answers you need!

Q: How long does professional whitening take?
A: The in-office whitening procedure generally takes an hour or less to complete. You may see all of the results that you need after one session. If, however, you want to further whiten your smile, our dental team can complete multiple treatments over a series of appointments until you reach your desired level of whiteness. We can also advise you regarding at-home treatments, which, while not as potent, can also lighten enamel over time.

Q: What about dental sensitivity? Is that a concern with whitening?
A: The whitening treatments that we use are specifically designed to be comfortable for the patient. Some people do report increased sensitivity to hot and cold directly after treatment; this subsides shortly after treatment and is not a long-term issue. If you already know that you are prone to dental sensitivity, and you are worried about how your teeth may be affected by whitening, please talk to our dental team—we have solutions that can help!

Q: One of my teeth cannot be whitened with professional formulations—I’ve tried!

A: Sometimes a tooth may look dull or dark due to damage, rather than some kind of staining or discoloration. Our dental team can lighten the appearance of these teeth with dental bonding or LUMINEERS, so that your entire smile looks white, bright, and seamless.

Don’t let dental discoloration keep you from loving the look of your smile. Our Elmhurst dentists are happy to provide you with the details and support that you need in order to refresh your smile!