Our Elmhurst Pediatric Dentists Help Young Patients Build Strong Oral Health Foundations

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Sep 5, 2017

Pediatric dentistry is crucial for helping young dental patients develop strong oral hygiene habits and skills. However, many parents and caretakers have questions about what, exactly, they should be doing to help their kids care for their smiles. That’s why our Elmhurst family dentists are here! Keep reading to get more information about pediatric dental care, and remember, you can always reach out to dental team if you have specific questions!

Let’s start by talking about the types of tools children should use to clean their smiles. When choosing a toothbrush for your child, you want to make sure that the handle is comfortable for your child to hold, and that the head of the brush is small enough to fit into the back corners of their smile. Most young dental patients should be using soft-bristled brushes so as not to cause inadvertent oral tissue damage or enamel erosion. Your dentist will let you know if your child should use a different type of brush.

Patients who are still regularly swallowing toothpaste should not use toothpastes with fluoride. This is because young kids are still developing their permanent teeth, and ingesting fluoride can cause adult teeth to develop with discoloration and textural irregularities. There are fluoride-free toothpastes on the market that are appropriate for pediatric patients who swallow toothpaste.

The American Dental Association recommends that pediatric patients undergo semi-annual cleanings and evaluations as soon as the patient’s first teeth come in, and definitely by the patient’s first birthday. Proper professional care will help your baby avoid dental decay and oral tissues infections. Additionally, regular dentist visits allow our team to spot and promptly treat ay emerging oral health issues.

We know that pediatric dental care can sometimes seem overwhelming, but don’t panic! You can always contact our Elmhurst dentists by phone or through our Contact Us page when you are ready to get started!