Our Elmhurst Root Canal Dentist Reviews How This Treatment Works

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 20, 2018

When dental damage occurs, prompt treatment can make all the difference for the long-term health and appearance of your smile. Although many people have preconceived, negative notions, about restorative root canal, the truth is that this treatment can be truly smile saving in certain situations.

Our Elmhurst root canal dentists encourage you to learn more about this treatment, so that you can confidently seek out root canal therapy if necessary.

The Purpose

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when a tooth is damaged all the way down into the tooth root. The inner tooth is the part of the tooth that is “alive,” in that it contains blood vessels, pulp, and nerves. When a cavity or fracture extends into the dental core, the entire tooth is compromised.

Root canal therapy is designed to remove all of the inner tooth material, so that the remaining healthy tooth structure can be saved.

The Process

During treatment, our team uses increasingly wide instruments to go into the tooth and pull out any damaged or vulnerable material, including the nerves that run through the roots of the tooth. Once this is complete, we can clean the remaining dental structure, fill the tooth, and cap it with a customized restoration.

The Result

Successful root canal therapy saves a tooth that might otherwise fall out or need to be pulled. Once the patient’s restoration is in place, the patient will be able to eat, drink, and speak normally. The restored tooth will look healthy and whole—it will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth!

Modern root canal therapy is quite comfortable and quick. Our team also offers sedation treatments for patients who are prone to sensitivity and anxiety.

If you want to learn more about how root canal works, or in which situations it becomes necessary, you can always reach out to our Elmhurst root canal dentists for information and support. We look forward to speaking with you!