Primary Health Benefits Of Dental Implants From Our Elmhurst Dental Implant Dentists

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 9, 2017

Tooth loss can wreak havoc on not only the appearance of your smile, but the health of your mouth as well. The key to protecting the health of your smile is to find a tooth replacement treatment that works for you as soon as possible after experiencing tooth loss. 

In this short article our Elmhurst dental implant dentists are talking about the ways in which dental implants support oral health. Keep reading to learn more!

To quickly review: dental implants have small titanium roots that hold them in place. The titanium root of the dental implant extends all of the way into the patient’s jawbone. This makes the dental implant replacement tooth a permanent restorative treatment. The titanium root is then capped with an abutment and a personalized dental crown (this is the part that looks like the visible tooth).

The first health benefit of the dental implant is that the titanium of the implant root will, over time, actually bond with the patient’s natural bone tissue. This process is called osseointegration; as the titanium root bonds with the bone it helps to support healthy bone density, and to keep the patient’s natural teeth from shifting along the gum line.

Because dental implants stay permanently in place, they are simple to care for. You’ll be able to brush and floss your smile as normal, and to undergo regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings. The ease with which you’re able to clean dental implants helps minimize your risk of developing gum disease. Additionally, dental implants cannot develop cavities.

Dental implants are customized to fit the individual’s patient’s needs. This means that our dental team is able to craft dental implants that facilitate healthy bite alignment. These are not one-size-fit-all replacement teeth. Customized implants do not put additional stress on your smile and temporomandibular joints over time.

Our Elmhurst dental implant dentists encourage all patients suffering from tooth loss to seek treatment as soon as possible. Thanks to advancements in the world of restorative dentistry, you can now receive a replacement tooth that looks and feels exceptionally natural. Give us a call to learn more!