Questions About Syrijet? Our Elmhurst Dentists Have The Answers

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 8, 2017

Our Elmhurst sedation dentists are committed to integrating the latest tools and technologies into our practice. We know that these advancements can greatly improve the patient experience as well as treatment options. One simple, and yet very powerful, tool that we use to help patients is called Syrijet. Keep reading to learn more about Syrijet, and to get a better idea of whether or not this technology can help you.

Q: Is Syrijet a type of sedation?
A: Not really, but it is used to help keep patients comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Rather than a type of sedation, Syrijet is specific tool for administering sedatives and numbing agents. Syrijet is a handheld wand that produces a concentrated stream of air that delivers anesthesia directly to the treatment site. Syrijet is completely needle-free and comfortable.

Q: Why do patients use Syrijet?

A: Syrijet is often used to help dental patients who suffer from dental anxiety or have phobias of needles. With Syrijet, patients can get the pain-management treatment they need without dealing with scary needles. This treatment can also be useful for those people who are prone to suffering from pain and sensitivity during dental care.

Q: What is the Syrijet process like?
A: As a patient, you really won’t need to do anything different in order to benefit from Syrijet. Before our team starts treatment, we’ll simply us the Syrijet wand to numb appropriate areas of your smile. Then, we’ll administer further numbing and sedation treatments if necessary. The entire process is quick and comfortable.

Our Elmhurst sedation dentists provide a number of relaxation and sedation treatment options from which patients benefit. If you want to learn more about any of your treatment options, our dental team is here to help. Give us a call to contact our team and schedule a personal consultation!