Scharfenberg Cosmetic Dentist Explains Common Aesthetic Concerns that Patients Correct with Cosmetic Dentistry

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jul 3, 2012

Every patient wants to have a beautiful smile to show off to the world, but few patients are born with naturally perfect teeth. Luckily, with cosmetic dentistry treatments it’s possible to refresh teeth and perfect misaligned smiles. Today I’m going to be reviewing some complaints that our Elmhurst dentists frequently hear from patients. We’re also going to talk about how these issues can be addressed with cosmetic dentistry treatments.


Dull/Discolored Teeth

One of the most common complaints that we hear from patients I that their teeth have started to look dark, discolored, or stained. Environmental stains accumulate over years of eating and drinking. Additionally, as teeth age they naturally become darker in color. Common cosmetic treatments for this condition include professional teeth whitening treatments and dental veneers.


Misaligned Teeth

Many patients have teeth that are crooked, crowded, or otherwise misaligned. Many patients want to straighten the appearance of their teeth in order to achieve a smooth Hollywood smile appearance! It is possible to straighten your natural teeth using treatments such as orthodontics. It’s also possible to straighten the appearance of your smile using dental veneers. Veneers are applied over your existing teeth, giving them a smooth and seamless appearance.


Disproportioned Teeth

Some patients may suffer from some teeth that do not fit in aesthetically with the rest of their smile. If some of your teeth appear too short or too narrow, this can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. Using dental veneers, our Elmhurst dentists can resize the appearance of your disproportionate teeth. When your teeth are proportional your smile looks more uniform and aesthetically pleasing.


Patients today have more cosmetic dentistry options than ever before. Using orthodontics, teeth whitening, or dental veneers, we can help you achieve a stunning smile that you’re proud to show off! Give our Elmhurst dental office a call for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation!