Why Are In-Office Dental Cleanings Important? Our Elmhurst Dentist Explains

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jan 9, 2024

Patients who undergo regularly scheduled professional cleanings and assessments have vastly better oral health prognoses than those who do not. Today our Elmhurst dentists are talking about a few of the reasons that six-month cleanings are so important. Let’s get started!

Tartar Removal

When plaque sits on teeth for an extended period of time, and isn’t brushed away, it slowly hardens into a substance called calculus. Calculus (sometimes called tartar) contains bacteria, and, because it is calcified, it’s very difficult for patients to remove at home. When you come in for your professional cleaning and assessment, our team is able to clear away newly developed tartar.  

Complete Cleaning  

No matter how carefully and thoroughly you clean your smile, you won’t be able to get all of those hard-to-reach spots as effectively as our dental team can. It is our goal to give you a clean slate of sorts; then you’ll use your at-home oral hygiene routine to maintain a healthy smile until your next appointment.

Check For Oral Cancers

At every semi-annual appointment, our dental team completes an oral cancer screening. We’ll check all of your oral tissues for signs of cancerous or pre-cancerous problems. The truth is that many symptoms like redness, irregular tissue textures, discoloration, and small sores can be difficult for patients to spot on their own.

Keeping You On Track

Our team is here to help you reach both immediate and long-term dental goals. Whether you’re simply trying to stay cavity-free, or you’re interested in completely transforming your smile, our dentists ensure that you’re on track by checking your progress every six months.

If it has been a long time since you have been in to see your dentist, you are certainly not alone. Many people get out of the habit of receiving regular dental care. Our Elmhurst dentists want to encourage you to recommit to your oral health and schedule a cleaning!