Wondering If You Can Benefit From Dental Implants? Our Elmhurst Dentists Can Help

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 30, 2014

If you are missing teeth, or your smile is unstable, dental implants may be able to help you fortify your smile. Dental implants are suitable for a wide variety of different types of people. Let’s learn more about why you might choose dental implants for your own smile.

Dental implants are designed to help patients recover from tooth loss. Whether you are missing a single tooth or a large portion of your smile, dental implants may be useful for you.

Let’s say, for example, that you are missing a single tooth. An individual dental implant will take the place of your natural tooth and make your smile whole again. In this scenario our Elmhurst dentist will place a titanium implant root into your jawbone—in the spot where your natural tooth root used to be. After your bone and gum tissues have healed around the root, we will add a customized restoration on top. This replacement tooth stays in place 24/7.

If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, our dental team will help you determine what type of tooth replacement option is good for you. You might choose to replace each of your missing teeth with individual dental implants. Alternatively, you could use implant roots to hold a prosthetic piece—like a denture—in place. For this treatment option our dentist will put dental implant roots in place. Then, we will retrofit your prosthetic to secure on to the top of the implant roots. Once your prosthetic is attached to these titanium roots you will find that your denture stays in place securely.

More and more people are turning to dental implants for restorative dentistry, because dental implants deliver such reliable and long-term results. If you think that this technology may be able to help you, please contact our Elmhurst dental implant dentists for help through the entire process.